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About J&R Sales, Inc.

For over 38 years J&R Sales has provided our HVAC customers with the best selection of quality engineered products. We can help you select equipment to match your project specifications and we can also suggest a lower cost alternative product for your consideration. In our office we maintain a catalog collection of many product brands to help us select a replacement for a model that is no longer in production. Please contact us via email or telephone for information.

The J&R Sales Team


Randy Burg

Randy gained Industry experience working for several major HVACR distributors since 1971. Randy started J&R Sales with former partner Jim Forster in 1984. J&R’s first product lines were Acme Engr., Markel, Nailor and Sterling.


Starr McTaggart

Star is well into her fourth year with us. Her cheerful style and helpful product suggestions keep customers coming back. Starr is involved with all aspects of our office functions and is comfortable with product quotations, pricing, and equipment compatibility; she is able to solve equipment substitution questions you may have when replacing old equipment with our new equipment.

Carlos Oliveras.jpeg

Carlos Oliveras

Carlos is a new asset for J&R Sales and is well versed in our office systems. Carlos can help with your order status questions as well as billing and delivery questions.


Jim J.

J&R Sales has always been a valuable asset in the areas they specialize and if they can’t help with a particular project they will lead to an alternate so you can still bid the project even if they have nothing to gain. They are a partner not just a Rep agency and are genuinely interested in your success. I have been working with Randy and his team for over 10 years and the group has also taught me about the products they carry to make me a better salesmen.

Gil N.


I can always count on Randy and his team at J&R sales to provide fast and competitive quotes when I’m looking for fans, registers, dampers or many other HVAC products. Randy has years of experience and can always come up with solutions or ideas when no one else can. His helpful personality and knowledge make him a great partner for our business success.

Mike R.



I have known Randy of J&R Sales for about 30 years and have relied on his product expertise and honesty throughout the years. I very much appreciate their quick response and attention to detail when requesting information.

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